To prepare for your session I recommend the follow guidelines


what to wear

It’s your story so bring what you love. Our focus is shoulders and up, so bring a variety of tops. Solid bold colors with simple necklines work best. Add a mixture of professional and casual, funky and cool, layers and textures. Try to avoid loud patterns, lumpy, baggy or loose clothing, and anything wrinkled - unless, of course, this is your vibe.

If you’re going for a business look, I suggest you bring at least 2 jackets, 2-3 shirts and a couple ties (if you still wear them). Well-tailored and slim-fit jackets are ideal. Solid colors for dress shirts work best if worn with a jacket, otherwise textures and patterns work great. If you're going for the jacket with open collar look be sure to have a stiff starched collar to avoid a rumpled, sloppy neckline.

Consider bringing clothes for the opposite season your session is booked for.  Winter?  Bring a T-shirt, polo, or spaghetti strap. Summer?  Bring a sweater, turtle neck or coat.  Unless you are planning on booking a session for each season this is a great way to keep your image fresh regardless of the season.  

I get the comment often "This isn't my favorite color but I brought it anyway".  Colors look very different in daylight and horrible room lighting than they will with my calibrated studio lighting.  Colors are more vibrant and layered than in normal every day light, so bring it, you may be surprised.  

Pro tip: I can't shoot it if you don't bring it but we want to use caution.  Too many outfits can over-saturate your selection gallery.  I don't want to overwhelm you with too many looks.  Be creative but selective here and you won't wear out at the final image review.


It’s best to arrive with with your makeup ready to go.  I do have a table and mirror for touchup if needed. Less is more, here. A fresh natural look is always a great choice, as we can add more drama as the shoot progresses. Here are some awesome tips for a great headshot: 

  • liquid foundation is better than powdered and match your natural skin tone to avoid transition lines

  • keep the lip color close to your natural lip color or one shade darker and glossy

  • go easy on the blush.  This will alter your skin tone in post.  

  • eyes should look defined, but natural, with soft blended eyeliner.  Clumpy lashes will stand out like a third eye.

  • neutral color eyeshadow is usually best

  • blend, blend, blend ... then blend some more

Things to avoid! 

  • visible hard-edge lip liner

  • hard-edge liquid eyeliner or 'cat eyes'

  • harsh lines or heavy smoked-out eyeshadow

  • false eyelashes or clumpy mascara

  • penciling in eyebrows with a harsh line

  • too much blush or dramatic lip color

  • tonality differences between areas with and without makeup

  • glitter

If you don't normally wear any makeup, that's cool too! I do recommend a facial moisturizer of some kind so we don't have any dry skin issues.


Lips are so important they get their own section. Please moisturize your lips (guys, especially you!) - in fact, start moisturizing a few days before your photo session. Dry, chapped lips do not retouch well. You’ve been warned.


Clean, dry hair done the way you normally wear it (on a good hair day) works best. Hairstyles are extremely personal and only you know how you like to wear it best. If you need a haircut or color touch-up, please be sure to get this done at least two or three days before your session. If you have long hair we have the opportunity to shoot a variety of different looks, conveying different messages.  Be sure to bring a comb or brush, pony tail tie, and avoid over spraying.  This could hinder moving the hair around for a variety of looks.

For those shaving, make sure you shave well the morning of your session. If you want a little scruff or have a full beard, that's cool too - make sure your edges are nice and clean! If you would like to get some shots with and without facial hair, feel free to bring your grooming products and you can shave part-way through your session to get some different looks. Restroom and changing areas are available on site.

And be sure to pluck or trim any pesky chin, nose and ear hairs. 


Done right they give tons of personality. They can also be terribly distracting.   Best to bring a range of options to tell your story. If you wear glasses, bring every pair. Some coatings do better under the lights than others. Shades are cool too.  We will shoot any accessories you like and will also shoot without accessories for a better variety of choices.


Makeup and Hair Artist Recommendation

Caro Benitez is an award winning makeup artist conveniently located just down the road from my studio in Overland Park, KS.  She is highly skilled in makeup and hair that performs well in photography settings.





Selecting Images:throughout the photo session we will view in camera photos and coach along the way to create the perfect, bold, confident approachable look you're after.  At the end of your session we will sit down and review all photos, culling down to your final selection of favorites.  From this selection you will choose the images you need for your portfolio, social media, marketing program, or any other need you have.  Final images will be purchased at this time.  Your purchased images will be re-touched and delivered in a custom, private online gallery ready for download.  All purchased images will include a wide full resolution and square crop image for various print and publishing needs.  If you have a custom size or dimension need please let me know.