The Headshot Photo Session Process

Since you are here you have taken the first step in drastically improving your personal brand, professional credibility and overall recognition a professional headshot helps achieve.  Here's how this process works!

Step 1:

When you arrive for your headshot session we'll go through your wardrobe to determine what looks best, what's your favorite and what message you want to say with each top.  Next we are going to work on the most important part of your headshot session: Your expression.  You can hire the best headshot photographer in the world but if they can't coach a killer expression out of you you're just wasting your time and money.  Humans are hard on themselves and how they look but 98% of the people who walk through my door are already photogenic.  The other 2% just don't know it yet.  It's my job to make you look the best you can.  

Step 2:

Once we have your expression dialed in it's time to go to work.  We'll put to action your awesome new skill and get amazing images with each of your clothing options.  I'll be working with you through every look to get you dialed in and firing on all cylinders.  

Step 3:

Once you and I both feel we have enough looks we'll sit down, catch our breath and take a look at your new headshot session gallery.  We'll go through your images, culling them down to a manageable quantity.  Once we get down to a workable quantity it's time for you to decide which ones you want to purchase.  Things to consider when budgeting for you headshot session are specific needs. Do you want different looks across multiple platforms?  Instagram would be a much different look and feel than LinkedIn.  Your website may want to be different than your business card. Do you want the same image on Facebook as on your email signature line?  In addition many social platforms send contacts notices when you change your profile so it’s good to update frequently. This is a great tool to keep your profile fresh in followers feeds. I don't want you to pay for more than you need, and every person has different needs.  Not packaging images together makes sure you're not over committing or under committing in terms of how many images you require from the session. You can simply decide on the day.

Image Purchase:

There will never be any pressure selling.  There's no minimum purchase and no packages.  My goal is to put a top quality selection of images in front of you and let you choose how much is enough.  Word of Mouth referrals are the backbone of my business.  My goal is to send you out into the world with awesome images you are proud of and excited to share.  If I am rushing you through a session or pushing a purchase you may regret later I'm not doing myself any favors.